WinRAR Password Cracker

To forget passwords is not difficult: you don’t have to do anything, your age, sex and nationality don’t matter either. Time will settle everything. Rar Password Cracker recovers, or finds, or cracks lost, forgotten or someone else’s passwords for Rar/WinRar archives of 2.x and 3.x versions. It uses “Dictionary” and “Bruteforce” methods. To process all 5-character combinations of digits, lowercase Latin and uppercase Latin the program will work for you 15288 hours = 637 days = 1.745 year.

Rar Password Cracker is easy to use. Every search, whether complete or not, can be saved as a project. Later you can modify it, or, if a project has been interrupted, restart it from the latest state. Self-extracting archives and multivolume archives are supported.



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